The Instant Assistant
Instant Assistant® - The Power of One to Many!

Meet the Ultimate Power Tool

It helps you respond to your customers, your staff, your residents and your students efficiently. It monitors your vital systems and instantly alerts you if there is a problem. It's the Instant Assistant® from Advanced Wireless Communications.

A Retail Powerhouse for communications and Customer Satisfaction

With strategically placed Instant Assistant call boxes, your customer can, with the touch of a button, call for assistance. The appropriate employee is notified instantly via two-way radio, wireless phone, pager, or your public address system. Your customer gets personal attention and the right answer fast.

Retail Call Box Demo Retail Call Box Demo Turn on your speakers and imagine yourself in a grocery store. You are at a meat counter and need a special cut of meats. Instead of looking around for an Associate, you press the call box button...

(Click on the meat counter now to hear how the Call Box speaks to you)

Back in the freezer, the associate doesn't see you. He does however hear his radio when it talks to him alerting him of a customer at the meat counter...

(Click on the radio now to hear how the Call Box alerts the Butcher)

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A Healthcare partner for communications and Patient Satisfaction

Demo of Bathroom Nurse Call Box
Wireless nurse call boxes and emergency cords can simplify the upgrade or addition of needed patient monitoring without having to purchase a whole new system.

The Instant Assistant can be added into your current wired system with dramatic results. Patient alarms are spoken over two-way radios for faster responses. LED Nurse Call Sign LED signs can display multiple alerts, and with escalations, you can be assured of reaction to calls! Online reporting can help you monitor response time to alerts and help determine staffing needs

With the Instant Assistant, you can customize your alerts, messages and escalations based on the location and type of alert. The Instant Assistant can also extend the life of your current wired Nurse Call system by adding wireless alerting to it while giving you the ability to add new wireless units anywhere!

With our Wander Control and Infant Protection offerings, the Instant Assistant becomes even more efficient. Our Voice prompts alert you immediately to special security and safety issue unique to the Health Care facility.

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Universal IA Products

On the Job 24/7/365

  • The door in the back that should never be opened.
  • The cooler that should never rise above 38 degrees.
  • The patient that needs your attention.
  • The campus that needs to alert its students.
  • The fire alarm panel in building "C" after hours.
  • The water alert in the elevator pit.

The Instant Assistant will monitor your vital systems 24 hours a day. If there is ever a problem, you will know about it immediately via voice messages over two-way radio, pager text, phone, your PA system and many more ways. The Instant Assistant also gives you a variety of up-to-the-minute activity and performance reports for evaluation, planning and record keeping purposes.

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Configure your Instant Assistant

Configuration of the Instant Assistant can vary greatly based on a customer's needs and preferences.  We have however developed a list of "standard" configuration samples based on industry types that customers can use to assist their development of their specific needs.  This interactive configuration guide is available by clicking here.  The first section goes over tones and voices used in the audio prompts and then there are industry specific sample pages to click on at the bottom.  You will need the quick-time plug-in in your browser to hear the audio and the pages may load slow on slow speed internet connections due to the large number of audio files that load.  Please be patient!


Advanced Wireless Communications will design the Instant Assistant to fit your specific needs and provide you with the necessary peripheral devices. The Instant Assistant is one of the most versatile devices on the market with its ability to monitor almost anything from text to temperature, motion to smoking detection, complex to simple! The Instant Assistant will enhance your loss prevention program, solve customer service opportunities and bring you cutting edge features like telephone interconnect to your two-way radio.

From big box retail applications to corner store, from large college campus to small healthcare facility, the Instant Assistant combines imaginative, dependable technology with affordability. Contact us today for a free, no-obligation consultation!
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