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Managing communications for more than 30 years.

For a generation, Telex has been a leading provider of radio dispatch and signaling equipment. We deliver a wide variety of solutions, including the world’s first and most widely deployed IP dispatch solutions, to the federal government public safety, municipalities, utilities and transportation industries.


Telex ConsoleWhy Should I consider an IP-Based Radio Dispatch System?

  • IP-based dispatch enables effective communications interoperability

    Dispatchers can connect and control UHF, VHF, 800Mhz, conventional, trunked, P25, iDEN,
    satellite and many other communication platforms.
  • IP-Based Dispatch can lower your overall cost of ownership by
    simplifying installation, configuration and maintenance

    Telex systems can also help you replace costly traditional infrastructure like
    leased lines and even your Central Electronics Bank
  • IP-Based dispatch makes for easy growth and back up.

    Your communications system can evolve as your needs change or as
    applications demand



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04/28/2011 Telex Radio Dispatch Products Catalog
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