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09/18/2017 Mini3 Manual
09/18/2017 AWR8000 Manual
09/18/2017 AWR Advantage Manual
02/28/2017 Quick Order Form User Guide
   User Guide for the Quick Order Form
02/28/2017 Online Repair Request User Manual
   User Manual for Online Repair Requests
02/28/2017 Online Order Authorization User Manual
   User Manual for Authorization Emails in Ordering System
07/28/2015 RMA Packing Guide
   How to pack your products for return with an RMA
07/28/2015 Return Policy
   Return Policy for all returns to Advanced Wireless Communications
03/20/2013 Repair Request Form 2013
   New Repair Request Form for all Radio Repairs Sent for Service
08/08/2011 USB Drivers for CT109 Vertex Cable
   Windows and DOS drivers for USB Programming cable. No Programming software is included.
05/06/2011 Request for Programming Form
   Programming information needed to program a radio purchased online (New Customers Only)
02/28/2011 Online Equipment Repair Request USER GUIDE
   Online Equipment Repair Request USER GUIDE
02/04/2011 Quick Order User Guide
   User Guide for using the Quick Order Form
01/10/2011 Purchasing Control for Online Ordering Guide
   Control your staff's online ordering with integrated purchasing controls on AWC's Web Order System
12/07/2010 ShopRite Case Study
   How Wireless Communications Helps Retail
12/07/2010 Northfield Retirement Community
   Elder Care Wireless Communications Case Study
08/19/2010 Elder Care Case Study
   AWC's Instant Assistant solves problems others couldn't address
08/19/2010 Emergency Communications Case Study
   AWC's campus security solution
08/19/2010 Wireless Retail Solutions
   Grocery Store Wireless Solutions