Corporate Office of Advanced Wireless Communications

Advanced Wireless Communications

Advanced Wireless Communications is a leader in the design and integration of wireless communications solutions. Headquartered in the Minneapolis, Saint Paul metropolitan area, since 1992, we’ve been creating onsite wireless systems that help businesses communicate effectively. Whether it’s a national chain of retail stores, a 50-story office town construction site, a large distribution center, a college campus or a retirement home, Advanced Wireless has the expertise and experience to create the best solution possible.

Regardless of where your business is located, if you need us onsite, we’ll be there. You can count on us to assess and fix problems or update your system to handle new challenges. It’s this kind of can-do attitude that makes Advanced Wireless an innovative force in the world of two-way communications. And, we do this for all of our customers—small to big, local to national.

You have our personal commitment and that of our incredible team. We’re ready to partner with you to make your communications more effective and efficient.

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Our Vision
Advanced Wireless Communications Will Be The Number One Provider of Onsite Wireless Communications Equipment for our specified Niche Markets. We will be Number One based on our Working Environment, Quality of Products, Profitability, and our Outrageous commitment to Customer Service.

Our MIssion
- Provide a Healthy work environment (Remembering to have fun)
- Provide our guests with Unique Innovative Wireless Solutions
- Provide outrageous Customer Service